Photo fun with my iPhone

Over the winter I joined the ranks as an iPhone user and quite honestly have never looked back. Blackberry, who? And one feature in particular I've come to love, love is the camera on the iPhone 4. It's an 8 megapixel camera which is more than enough pixels to capture detailed images. On a side note, one thing I learned early on in my photographic journey is that the megapixel count does not make the photographer, it's up to you to have an eye to see a picture and take it. You can have the best equipment but it won't matter if you can't frame the picture right.

So in using my iPhone camera it's fun to see all the things you can do with a picture once it's taken with the help of a few cool photo apps that anyone can download and use. Check these out if you want to take your iPhone camera pics to the next level:

  • Noir - Turns your iPhone pics into cool looking film noir images. Super easy to use. Check out my cat Felix, who looks even more super cool with a noir effect added.

Felix at Rest | 2011

Filterstorm - Lets you fix your iPhone pics in multiple ways; hue/saturation, white balance, crop etc. Here is a before and after of the same picture to show you what it can do.

Beach @ La Push, WA (before) | 2011
Beach @ La Push, WA (after) | 2011

  • PictureShow - Fun app that lets you set borders around your images, turn them into black and white, apply fun filters or add text to the image.

Boston Holocaust Memorial | 2011

Each of these are under $5 a piece to download and can give your images a fun POP! Let me know if you use these how you like them or share your own apps (and images!) from your favorites.

Happy picture taking!

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